Monday, March 06, 2006

My Grandpa married an Indian Princess.Can you get me my Indian enrollment card and how much will it cost?

1. Sorry, no. That's the short answer.We get some variation of this question at least 500 times a week. We don't even have time to read them all, let alone answer them. There are people who make a living researching other people's ancestry for a fee. We don't. We make our living publishing this website, and that's a full time job.

But occasionally, (like now) we will give you some general information (again) that may help you get started doing your own research or at least teach you how to inquire for information. If you are a site member, (it's free to join), we also welcome you to post your inquiries in the Genealogy section of this website to exchange information with others looking for similar information and ancestors. The more information you give in your inquiry, the more likely you will be to get a response from someone who can help you...Read the tips in today's Mailbag: Native American Genealogy Tips


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